Orderly App Visual Concept by José Francisco Sesé


  • Studenterbolaget
  • Freelance
  • 2015-2019
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand & Marketing
  • Art Direction
  • Web Design (Front-end)
  • Digital Marketing Content
  • Webshop and Landing Page
  • Corporate Visual Identity
  • Flyers, Folders and Ads
  • Social Media Content
  • Event Design Materials


Markup / Front-end
HTML / CSS (Bootstrap 4.0)


Designs for printning

Event designs

The Unofficial Beer Pong championship in Denmark is an event organized by Studenterbolaget - I've designed the event's logo, Social Media posts and winners' diplomas for this.​


Visual identity

The concept for Studenterbolaget's visual identity is built upon one of the company's core values: variety. One of the benefits delivered by Studenterbolaget to the customers through the wide range of products (beverages) offered. To visually convey this value, inspiration was drawn from the vibrant lighting and diverse shapes of the beverages served at parties.


The energetic atmosphere of youth celebrations and music events serves as a key inspiration. The youth (the main characters in this story) celebrate and have fun at parties and/or music events. The spilled lights often play an important role, defining a scene and determining aesthetics.


The color palette reflects the primary colors commonly used in light spots – red, green, and blue. These colors, when mixed together using additive or subtractive methods, generate new colors, symbolizing the expansion of options and the sense of variety and diversity.

RGB (0, 145, 209)


RGB (251, 194, 43)


RGB (208, 0, 141)


RGB (0, 0, 116)


RGB (205, 0, 24)


RGB (0, 110, 35)



The logo has been refreshed with a simplified and compact form, ensuring easy legibility in various placements. Additionally, it allows for flexible color variations to adapt to different contexts.


This idea of variety is further echoed in the packaging and content of beverages for events and parties. The design incorporates curved shapes that represent the contours of the bottles and their liquid contents.


Soho Gothic Pro is a modern sans-serif typeface that ensures excellent readability. Another reason for choosing this typography (with all its variations) is its versatility, working well for both headings and longer texts.

In summary, Studenterbolaget's visual identity captures the essence of variety through a dynamic color palette, curved shapes inspired by beverage contours, and a versatile logo. This visual concept embodies the essence of Studenterbolaget, reflecting its commitment to providing diverse and exciting beverage options for events and parties.