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Standley & Standley Music

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Standley & Standely Music

Standley is a company dedicated to creating innovative products that enhance outdoor exploration and enjoyment. One of their notable offerings is the LeanBag backpack, which exemplifies their commitment to providing unique and functional solutions. Additionally, Standley Music, previously a subsidiary of Standley until 2019, specializes in manufacturing musical instrument accessories. Some of their notable products include the UkuleleFoot, GuitarFoot, StickyPicks, GripPad, and Strapley. During my tenure, I had the opportunity to design and produce various marketing and communication materials for both Standley and Standley Music. For some projects, I was responsible for the complete design process, developing original concepts and executing them to fruition. In other instances, I made adjustments to existing designs, ensuring cohesiveness across different collateral such as Product Sheets, Lookbooks for distributors, and A5 Cards specifically tailored to the backpack line.


Standley Music Logo

Standley Music was established as a sub-brand within the Standley umbrella. Following a comprehensive branding process, its core identity was defined, and the essential visual elements and design components were developed to achieve specific objectives. During this process, Standley's overall visual identity also underwent a refreshing update, while Standley Music required a completely new logo. The goal for the Standley Music logo was to maintain the integrity of the existing Standley logo, while also incorporating a sense of smoothness that aligns with the brand's new attributes. Furthermore, the logo needed to prominently feature the word "Music" as a distinct brand element, highlighting its connection to the musical instrument accessories produced by the company.


Standley Music Website

Website aimed exclusively to potential investors.

Standely Music

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Colours & Fonts

During the branding process, in collaboration with Standley's brand manager clear attributes were defined to shape the visual identity of Standley Music. The brand was intended to be perceived as friendly, fun, playful, simple, urban, and daring. The primary target audience was women, with men as a secondary target group. The overall approach aimed for a unisex brand with a feminine touch. The color palette was carefully selected to convey these attributes. The use of white and beige adds a feminine touch, while the inclusion of yellow represents optimism, fun, and friendliness. The combination of these colors, along with the addition of dark gray, creates a versatile and unisex palette that appeals to a broader audience.

RGB (255, 255, 255)
C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:0

RGB (244, 242, 239)
C:3, M:3, Y:4, K:0

RGB (49, 47, 48)
C:69, M:65, Y:62, K:61

RGB (252, 208, 99)
C:1, M:18, Y:72, K:0

Open Sans Condensed



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Standley Website

Website aimed exclusively to distributors.


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