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Staff Share

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  • 2019
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Staff Share

Staff Share is a dedicated job portal exclusively serving the craft industry in Denmark, providing a centralized network for companies in the crafts sector. The platform aims to create an extensive nationwide community within the craft industry, connecting professionals and companies to meet the fluctuating needs of the field. I had the privilege of assisting Daniel, the founder of Staff Share, in developing the company's corporate visual identity.

The main objective of Staff Share was to create a nationwide community within the craft industry, fostering collaboration and resource-sharing among professionals. Inspired by the efficient and organized nature of bee communities, the visual concept for Staff Share's identity took shape. The hexagon became a key graphic element, symbolizing the intelligent organization and connectivity that Staff Share aims to facilitate.

The hexagon represents the cohesive and efficient collaboration within the craft community, enabling professionals and companies to come together and make the most of their resources. By adopting the hexagon as a visual element, Staff Share's visual identity reflects the organized and connected nature of the craft industry, empowering professionals to thrive in their work.

Business cards

Logo viarants

Some of the logo variants feature a symbol that strengthens the brand name and makes a reference to the industry or purpose of the portal, emphasizing the dynamics and exchange. These symbols visually represent the essence of the craft industry and serve as a reinforcement of the brand's identity. On other logo variants, the semantic reinforcement is achieved through the choice of typeface. The typography used in these logos conveys the desired message and adds meaning to the brand name, reflecting the values and characteristics associated with the craft industry.

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