Orderly App Visual Concept by José Francisco Sesé


  • Orderly.ai
  • Freelance
  • 2019-2020
  • Web & App Design
  • UX & UI Design
  • Brand & Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • 3D Design
  • Corporate Visual Identity
  • App's Concepts Design
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Landing Page


Orderly has developed a unique service that utilizes artificial intelligence and modern storage technology to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their belongings. It offers a professional warehouse where users can neatly store their items. When users need their belongings, Orderly delivers them promptly. Moreover, if users have items they no longer require, Orderly assists them in finding potential buyers. In cases where selling is not feasible, Orderly helps facilitate donations, reuse, or responsible disposal. The vision of this startup is to make sustainable consumption the preferred choice for global consumers. Its mission is to create technology that brings order to homes, minds, and the planet by intelligently managing and reusing belongings.

Logo Symbol

The concept for Orderly's visual identity originated from the idea of combining the company's main purpose - promoting sustainability through responsible resource management - and the integration of technology in its services. The design of the logo symbol features a counter-shape formed at the intersection of three groups of lines, reminiscent of three arrows commonly seen in the recycling symbol. These lines, with their circular ends, create a cohesive pattern that evokes an integrated circuit, symbolizing the technological aspect of the services offered by Orderly.

The logo symbol adopts a circular shape, representing harmony and continuity. It signifies the cyclical nature of the user’s goods involved in Orderly's operations, highlighting their potential for ongoing use, reducing waste, and promoting controlled and conscious consumption. This circular shape also conveys values of protection, adaptability, and community, aligning with the brand's core attributes.

Overall, the logo harmoniously blends the ideals of sustainability and technology, resulting in a design that captures the essence of Orderly's commitment to responsible resource management and a more sustainable future.

HEX: #00b7aa

RGB: 0, 183, 170

CMYK: 78, 0, 42, 0



HEX: #00416b

RGB: 0, 65, 107

CMYK: 100, 35, 0, 60

PANTONE 111-16 C

PANTONE 111-16 U


For the Orderly logotype (Orderly), the font 'Red Hat Display,' was selected. The font was customized by rounding its terminals and links to better adapt and coexist with the strokes of the logo symbol, which also feature rounded terminations. This modification creates a cohesive and harmonious visual connection.

As for the typeface used in the overall visual identity, Titillium Web, a Google font, was chosen to convey a sense of technology. Titillium Web is known for its modern and clean appearance, further reinforcing Orderly's technological focus.

Orderly's Mobile App

Orderly's mobile application offers a convenient and efficient way for users to manage their belongings. With this user-friendly app, individuals can effortlessly organize their items, set prices, add descriptions, and seamlessly sell their products. Additionally, users have the option to browse and purchase items listed by others within the Orderly marketplace.

Designed with families in mind, Orderly's service caters specifically to those with young children and limited storage space at home. Each family member can create their own unique profile within a single account, enabling them to easily manage their individual belongings.

One standout feature of the Orderly app is the ability for users to engage with the community through comments and sharing. By actively participating in the Orderly market, users can connect with fellow users, leave feedback, and discover exciting new products. To facilitate efficient product searches, Orderly implements a hashtag system similar to the popular social media platform, Instagram. Users can utilize hashtags to search for specific products and also tag other users, fostering a sense of collaboration and discovery within the app.

In summary, Orderly's mobile app empowers users to efficiently organize, buy, sell, and donate their belongings while fostering a vibrant and interactive community-driven marketplace experience.


Prototype (InVision Studio)

Typeface, Colors and Icons

Titilium Web



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Landing page


Landing page