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Standley & Standely Music

Standley creates innovative products that make exploring and being outdoors more enjoyable as e.g. its LeanBag backpack. While Standley Music is a sub-brand -that until 2019 was owned and administrated by Standley - it makes musical instrument accessories as its UkuleleFoot, GuitarFoot, StickyPicks, GripPad and Strapley. I've been helping them designing and producing a series of communication elements for both brands, some of them enterely designed by me (as here exposed) and on anothers just adjustments of previous designs (as Sheets and Lookbooks to distributors, A5 Cards for the bags, domains reservations names and webshop at Shopify).


Standley Music Logo

Standley Music would be a sub-brand under the Standley's umbrella. After a branding work its Core ID was defined, and the basic brand's visual elements and design pieces, necessary for a concret goal, was shaped. Standley's visual identity needed a refreshing and Standley Music a new logo. The brief was to keep Standley's logo, and according to the new attributes make it "smooth". And then to add 'Music' as a brand-foot.


Standley Music Website

Website aimed exclusively at potential investors.

Standely Music

Hotsite Wordpress / Elementor

Colours & Fonts

Very clear attributes were defined during the branding process. Standley Music had to be seen as a friendly, fun, playful, simple, urban and daring brand. With the focus on women first, and men as a secondary target group. A unisex brand with a feminine approach. The colors white and beige give it a feminine touch, and yellow optimism (fun, playful, friendly), while all the colors, along with the dark gray, make it work as a unisex palette.

RGB (255, 255, 255)
C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:0

RGB (244, 242, 239)
C:3, M:3, Y:4, K:0

RGB (49, 47, 48)
C:69, M:65, Y:62, K:61

RGB (252, 208, 99)
C:1, M:18, Y:72, K:0

Open Sans Condensed



1234567890 !”#%&/()=?`^*_:;@£${[]}|




1234567890 !”#%&/()=?`^*_:;@£${[]}|

Standley Website

Website aimed exclusively at distributors.


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